chaos courts disasterRock band Chaos Theory drops second album

TRURO – Chaos Theory is on the road flagging their second album, We Are Disaster.

The band, featuring Truro’s Rock Johnson, as well as Tim Garagan, Lex Coulstring, Shaun Cowell and Shane Purdy, released the album through their label Tenastic Music. It was recorded in Truro.

“The album came together over the course of a year while working two new members into the band and still playing live,” said Johnson. “It was quite a demanding schedule but I think it was helpful to have new ideas and fresh perspective on the music. There is definitely a lot more intensity on the new album and overall, more focus.”

The album picks up where their debut album left off, presenting melodic rock songs draped over heavy riffs and with the power of full-blown metal. Chaos Theory gets nastier on We Are Disaster as they sink their teeth into many emotional and political themes including child abuse on the song, Comfortably, and a disingenuous social and political structure in Generation Genocide.

Johnson, who operates Tenastic Music, produced the album, which was mastered by J. LaPointe of Archive Mastering.

“We love the songs on the first record, but we’ve had four years to grow as a band and we have played a lot of live shows between then and now, even the old songs get a facelift when they are played live. It’s just the natural progression of growth as musicians and songwriters.”

The album features eight previously unreleased tracks that have already started surfacing on college charts and online radio.

“I think the album came out great, and I don’t feel there is a weak track to be found. If we didn’t feel a song was ready, it didn’t make the cut,” Johnson said. “College radio has started to pick up and get behind the album and we’ve charted top-10 in a few cities, including Halifax and Fredericton. Stations have actually played every song on the album since it was released and, to me, that is a testament to how strong the album is. It’s not based on the strength of one or two good songs, it’s the whole package.”

The band has filmed a video for the first single, Evaporate, which will debut in the next month.
The band has two dates left on an Eastern Canadian tour, which saw them break ground in four provinces. They plan to tour again this spring.

The album is available through the band’s website:, at CD Baby, on iTunes and through many other online retailers.

They are performing Dec. 12 at Gus’ Pub in Halifax to finish their Eastern Canada tour.

Posted on October 28, 2015 by Truro Daily News
arm the pitATP
For the record, who's answering the interview?
Rock Johnson - Vocalist
What is your band's name? How did you come up with that name?
We are Chaos Theory. The name was in place when I joined the band, but Chaos theory is a theory where small differences in behavior can yield vastly different outcomes with all other variables being consistent. In our band Lex is the only original member of the band, but each time a member was changed the band became different, perhaps better, while many of the core aspects of the band remained intact. So we are kind of a living example of what the chaos theory is.
So who's in the band and what instruments do you each play?
Rock Johnson - Vocals / Guitar
Lex Coulstring - Rhythm Guitar / Vocals
Shaun Cowell - Lead Guitar
Tim Garagan – Bass/Vocals
Shane Pardy - Drums
How would you describe your sound. What makes you unique?
I would describe it as… modern heavy melodic rock or alternative. Some kind of cross between hard rock & metal… I don’t really understand genres anymore; they are way too specified for me to keep up with. As far as being unique, I think that term is thrown around way too much; I don’t think anyone is unique. There is this weird subculture that wants everything to be totally different than anything that has ever come before it, not everyone is an innovator, you just have to make music that speaks to you and find an audience of like minded people. Trying too hard to be unique is just as disingenuous as being an intentional clone of something else.
What bands have influenced each of you?
Lex is a big fan of Avenged Sevenfold, Shane is a huge Dream theater & Tool fan, Shaun is like a sponge, he seems to like and know everything out there under the sun. Tim I’m not sure I say it was any one band over another, more a cross of everything you’d expect to have heard as a rock fan. Myself, I am a huge Kiss fan, moved into the hair metal era, embraced grunge, and dug nu-metal bands. These days I tend to like anything that has darkness, and melody.
How experienced are you on the stage, a virgin or whore?
I’ve been doing this 24 years now, still trying to be a little better at it every day.
How would you describe your shows?
High energy, intense, sweaty… yet fun!
Tell us about your favorite show and why?
Wow, tough one. We had a chance to open for Metallica a few years back. They held a regional contest and we made the finals. The crowd that night was so passionate, they made signs, and they really were pushing for us. We ended up placing second, but that kind of love sticks with you.
Tell us about your worst show and why?
We had one night where our former guitar player’s tuner was all messed up it had him a half step out for 4 songs. We powered through it, but it is not easy to sing with two different pitches in each ear!
Tell Us About Your Dream Show, who you'd like to play with and where?
For me a dream show is more about the audience and less about who we are playing with. Looking out on a sea of people all pushing back the energy that you are throwing out there would be the ultimate rush. If I had to pick one band just to say “Yeah I played with those guys” it would be Dream Theater. They were such a huge influence on me especially in high school when I first started playing guitar.
Do you have a street team and how can you join?
Not formally. We certainly have some dedicated fans who do their best to support us and share our posts online. We do have a formal mailing list people can sign up for on the front page of our website
Do you have a record label and if not are you looking for one?
We started our own label to produce our own music. We do some work for other bands as well. It has helped centralize our efforts in regards to booking, distribution, promotion, and creating music.
What are your plans for the future, in a year, 5 years?
Our new album “We Are Disaster” comes out Sept 25, 2015, we have an Eastern Canadian tour planned in the fall, more recording in the winter including an acoustic project, re-recording the first album with the new line up and of course starting to work on album three. Come spring we will tour again and in the summer we trying to play as many festivals as we can and write music. That cycle can continue, and hopefully grow each year into more fans and more opportunities.
Finally, do have any words on what Arm The Pit means to you?
Arm the Pit, it’s a call to battle. Music is in a vulnerable space, it’s a call to take part and support what you love or it may be gone. Thanks for having me!

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arm the pitChaos Theory talks about their latest project We Are Disaster...

What is the title of your CD? How did you come up with the name?
The title of the new album is “We Are Disaster”. It was the name of the first song we wrote for the album and we felt the title was a great social comment on where we are going as a society. The rest of the songs on the album kind of fit with the mindset that we as people are our own worst enemy.
Is this your first CD and if not, how is this one different from the others?
This is our second album. I would say this album has more bit, it’s a little dirtier. We have two new members in the band since the first release and that will always change the sound to some degree. The songs are still there, the melodies are still there, but I would say overall it has more metal elements.
Did you write all the songs before going into the studio or did you write them as you were recording?
We wrote them all before we recorded them, though I personally do 99% of my writing in the studio in my home.
Walk us thru the process of writing your music?
Generally Lex will write the riffs and I will write the lyrics and melodies. With the addition of Shane & Shaun in the band who are both writing riffs constantly we now have five people who play guitar in the band throwing ideas into the pot. I suspect an even more collaborative effort on the third album.
Where did you record and why?
We recorded in my home studio over the course of a year. Financial and time constraints made it the most viable option. I am toying with the idea of handing over the reins to an outside producer for the next album. We shall see!
How did you pay for your recording?
We have always taken 100% of the money the band makes and put it back into the band. We invested in merchandise and took our show earnings and paid for everything. With any luck the profits from this album and tour will fund the next.
Did you have a producer or did you self-produce? If so, what kind of input did the producer have. If your self-produced, why?
I kind of touched on that earlier, I produced the album in my home studio because it made financial sense to do so, and our schedules were split between gig commitments and breaking in two band members it was easier to schedule studio time at home.
Did you try to capture your "live sound" or did you go for something else?
I tried to come closer to our live sound. On the first album I sang a lot of harmonies and did a lot of vocal layering, but live I only sing one part. That gave us a more edgy live sound, so when writing and recording “We Are Disaster” I tried to keep that in mind. Other than that I think it is close to how we come across on stage. There are not a lot of overdubs.
Did your record label have any input into the music you recorded?
We run our own label, so yes!
Are you pleased with the final product?
Yeah, I am. I mean every artist can pick themselves apart and that is a good thing to a point, but at some point you have to focus on the bigger picture. I think it is leaps and bounds from the first album and I feel like there are numerous tracks on the album that could grab someone’s ear, not just the singles.
Where will we be able to pick up a copy?
The album is available through our website and at any of our shows.
Will you be touring to promote your CD?
We will be doing Eastern Canadian dates from September to December then again in the spring.
Would rather be recording or playing live shows?
I like them both, touring to new cities is always exciting and the rush of the stage is unmatched, but I am a studio rat and love recording and creating.
Anything you would like to say to your fans?
A genuine thank you, and we’ll see you soon!

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mettalworxChaos Theory have been around for a while now and after releasing their debut in 2012 they set out to make their mark with their second album, "We Are Disaster". From the opening song "Comfortably", a song about child abuse, this album grabs you by the balls and gives very little relief until the very end. They are able to convey a ton of emotion on every song but especially this one. The Godsmack influence is very evident on "Evaporate" which could be my favourite track on the album with it's crushing riffs and melodic chorus. Rock's vocals really blend well with the music while still being in your face.

Having seen the band live, this recording really captures the band's energy live which is something a lot of bands tend to lose in the studio. The production is very well done.

The best part of this album is every song on this album has it's own identity without the band losing focus on who they are. Chaos Theory know exactly who they are and given a bit more time, everyone else will know as well.


Posted on October 6, 2015 by Mettalworx Music Group
canadian beatsHalifax, NS based heavy rock band, Chaos Theory is made up of Rock Johnson (Vocals/ Guitar), Lex Coulstring (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals), Shaun Colwell (Lead Guitar), Tim Garagan (Bass) and Shane Pardy (Drums). The band is about to release their second album, “We Are Disaster” on September 25, and I was fortunate enough to hear it beforehand.

The album features eight tracks, all high energy melodic rock which the band does best. Although this type of music is not my go to genre, I can still fully enjoy the album, as Chaos Theory excels at what they do, delivering intensity in the music and vocals, and putting forth quality songwriting that makes the album one of the best I’ve heard in its genre.

The fourth song, “Here” is one of my favourites on the album, followed by “The One”. Both of these songs deliver an extremely high energy presence that you can’t ignore, even if you wanted to. I can see that this band puts everything into their music and if you’re able to catch them on their upcoming tour, you should:

September 26 – Temps Partiel – Quebec, QC
September 27 – Club Lambi – Montreal, QC
September 28 – Pub Down Under – Saint John, NB
September 29 – Plan B – Moncton, NB
October 1 – CBTG’s – St. John’s, NL
October 2 – The Levee – St. John’s, NL
October 3 – Distortion – St. John’s NL
October 9 – Montes Showbar – Dartmouth, NS

Rating: 3.5/5

Posted on September 23, 2015 by Canadian Beats
mettalworxBill Arsenault of Mettalwork Music Group recently caught up with Chaos Theory ‘s Lex, Rock & Shane at the Maritime Metal & Hard Rock Festival 3, where the band chats candidly about the new album, the scene in general, line up changes and more! Check out the two part interview below!

Part 1
Part 2
stealyourfacebabymetalRecently Rock sat down with Dead Metal Music and chatted a bit about the band, music in general and some exciting upcoming  Chaos Theory events!

metaldeliChaos Theory's "Save Yourself" will be one of the songs being spun this week on The Metal Deli! The Metal Deli is a weekly metal podcast that runs for the entire week! You can tune in to episode 157 at or on the following stations: (England) (Maurituis Island) (Hungary)
100.9 Big DogChaos Theory’s vocalist Rock Johnson will be featured in an interview on Big Dog 100.9 Wednesday November 5, 2014 around 3:30 PM. Johnson will sit down with long time radio personality Chris Van Tassel to discuss the upcoming Nova Scotia Music Week showcase and introduce the Big Dog airwaves to a new remix of a Chaos Theory classic!

Tune in live 100.9 FM or stream online at
welovemetal"Not only can these guys write a hook laden track, but they perform it with an intensity that will lead many to believe it's just a matter of time before they take the big stage." - Martell

Big thanks to Co-editor Martell for the glowing review and having Chaos Theory a featured artist of the week on!

Read The Review HERE!
ct-hanger18Bulgarian website Metal Hanger 18 recently featured Chaos Theory's debut album. Find out what they had to say about it here:
Rock band doesn’t take no for an answer on upcoming album
Jon MacNeill

Chaos Theory’s sophomore effort will see the Halifax rockers return with the hard-hitting aggression fans have come to expect, this time bearing a message to match it.

“From what I’m hearing so far, it’s a lot less ‘boo hoo’ and a lot more ‘f**k you’” frontman Rock Johnson said of the band’s new project, We Are Disaster, currently in pre-production.

“On the first album there was some stuff you might deal with when you’re depressed or down, and now the lyrics are more about being assertive, asking questions, not taking no for an answer.”

We caught up with Johnson before the band set out on their first stint of summer touring through New Brunswick.  Formed in 2008, Chaos Theory really took shape two years later when rhythm guitarest Lex Coulstring was joined by Scott McKenzie (lead guitar), Tim Garagan (bass) and Johnson.  

“We’re doing what I think comes fairly naturally to all of us,” Johnson said of their style.  “It’s something that’s maybe a little less common in the area now, where we’re taking heavy music and combining it with elements of classic rock—so we’re getting the heavy riffs, the angst, the screams and stuff, but its combined with songwriting and melody.
“There’s a lot of different metal genres, and we kind of straddle a few of them.  I don’t know if we fit into one exact category, but what we’re doing is what we love.”

The group released its debut self-titled in April, an –track effort that earned them Music Nova Scotia’s Loud Recording of the Year, in addition to Faces Choice Awards’ Best Rock Band and Best Music Video + Single.
Johnson said all the material is written for the followup, We Are Disaster.  They plan to enter the studio to begin recording in the fall.

Posted June 20, 2013 by Jon MacNeill of HERE NB
ct-atlantic-canada-rocks-newsWhat’s up Metalheads and Hard Rockers!? If you’ve been tuned into the local Hard Rock & Metal scene in Nova Scotia for the past couple of years, you’ll have no doubt have heard their music or seen Chaos Theory live at a local club gig. Their self-titled release in the spring of 2012 has earned them several prestigious acclaims including Loud Recording of the year, as well as Faces Choice Awards fan voted categories for Best Rock Band and Best Music Video + Single. Chaos Theory is looking to continue building momentum and grow as a powerful force in the local heavy music scene by unleashing their follow up album ‘We Are Disaster’ upon the world very soon.

So April 27, 2012. Tell me what the past year has been like for Chaos Theory?

Rock: It’s been like… 365 days of work that seems to keep paying off! Seriously, we’ve had a lot of cool things to celebrate, but we stay very focused on the work load. We have been very fortunate and have met some amazing people in this two year journey that have supported us more than we could have ever imagined.

Lex: Yes, it’s been both exciting and busy! When the album was released last year we started really working on getting our sound out there with some marketing campaigns because we now have tangible music to promote. However, as if there was a delayed reaction to the official release, the album started gaining recognition months later and doors started opening for us. It’s a wonderful thing and we are so humble and grateful that our hard work and dedication is paying off.

You’re currently working on a new album, tell me a bit about the CT writing process, does one person handle that duty, or is it more of a collaboration effort? Also, what do you find works best to capture the vibe you’re looking to bookmark, and preferred recording methods when creating?

Rock: Well there are no set rules, we welcome all ideas from everyone. That being said Lex writes the bulk of the riffs and I write the bulk of the lyrics and melodies. On the first record there was already 4-5 songs that were written prior to when Tim, Scott, and I joined the band by both Craig and Lex. To their credit they gave me complete control to overhaul anything I felt would make it a better song, however, again to their credit there were a lot of things I left in place. It’s all about making music that we would enjoy listening to ourselves, anything else would feel very false. On the second record there is a lot more collaboration going on in the music side of things, the boys have scheduled “strings only” sessions just to work on the music, having each other there is helping the cream to rise to the top and thusly giving me a viable playground for me to work with. As far as recording goes, lets just say we have come leaps and bounds since the last album. I have spent the last year focusing my efforts in the roles of songwriter, engineer and producer and I think people will be pumped when they hear the results!

Lex: Rock pretty much took the words out of my mouth LOL. To reiterate a bit, I had some of the songs from the debut album written as far back as the band was conceived in 2008 (wow 5 years!) but like Rock said, I wanted to give him, Tim and Scott full creative control. What is exciting about the new album, and future albums for that matter, is that we have grown together as friends and artists and really painted a picture of what CT is all about. We bring our ideas together and together make new music.

How receptive or cooperative are the local venues to a heavier sound? My great idea would be a sort of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal spot who doesn’t just cater to the late night crowd, but perhaps from a 9 pm – 1 am time slot, much like ‘Gas Works’ from the movie Wayne’s World.  Do you feel local venues are moving in the right direction for a greater acceptance for local heavy music?

Rock: Some venues understand that scene has to be built with consistency over time with marketing campaigns that are focused, some never will. You can’t be all things to all people, you end up being nothing to everyone. As far as your suggestion, I think earlier shows are a great idea, especially for fans who have to work or even those who are just at a point in their life when being at a club till 3 AM is not something they want to be doing. Honestly, I would say most of the venues we have played love what we are doing and support the scene well, and have supported other heavy rock/metal bands as well. There are always politics at play when it comes to any industry, we try to focus on what we do well and if that doesn’t get us in a venue or on a bill then it’s not a place we want to be anyway. We kind of straddle a line between heavy rock and metal that seems to have a wider appeal than some of the other heavy genres. We focus on writing melodies and hooks that stick with you, I have always been drawn to melodic music and there are a whole generation of people that grew up in a time when music was not a disposable commodity, and  they want something new and something real. I think our fans are people like me, people who like to experience music in a very real primal form. Personally, I don’t like dividing genres, that’s just the type of fan I am. I am a fan of music. I am a fan of hard work. I am a fan of talent. I think that is something you gain with maturity. Venues who cater to these people are venues where you will find us.

Lex: Lately there seems to be a good vibe with trying to gain more heavy rock/metal awareness within east coast venues. As with every attempt to light up the scene, politics and genre wars seem to pop up. I would say though we have been very fortunate with the bands and shows we have been involved with the past few years. It’s nice to see many people pouring their hearts into revitalizing the heavier rock & metal scene.

Everyone always asks in interviews who your base line influences are, what started it all for you, but who, say from the past 10 years are currently on your radar?

Rock: For me, most of the new stuff I really enjoy is local to Canada’s East Coast. There are so many talented artists in every genre of music. I’ve been fortunate enough to get to hang out with a lot of my favorite bands and have become good friends with many of them. I love what 7 Mile Stare does, Armada Drive released one of my favourite east coast albums of all time. Oceans Will Rise blew me away with their debut album. Alert the Medic only write amazing rock songs. The boys in My Living Will and Brite VU are making great radio ready pop/rock. As far as more well known acts (sort of), I point to Trivium, and Sevendust, and my favorite artist is Richie Kotzen who continues to amaze me.

Lex: I have always been a fan of modern alternative metal/rock artists and although my roots come from bands like Metallica & Megadeth, bands that stick in my mind would be Avenged Sevenfold, Tool, Godsmack, Sevendust, Ear Shot and most recently Soil. I just love to be wowed by catchy heavy and epic sounds.

In this day of social media, where there are more and more ways for a band to get their material accessible to their fans, how is CT utilizing this form of ‘tape trading’ and have you found it useful?

Lex: I’m constantly fine tuning our social media efforts. The issues with social media promoting is that everyone can do it meaning there is a ton of bands trying to gain recognition. If you follow what everyone else is doing then you will get lost and buried in the shuffle. We are always trying to stand out and try different approaches. We seem to be doing well so I must be doing something right LOL.

Rock: Who knows what it does really. On the surface it seems to have done wonders, but it seems more and more that it is becoming too big, too disconnected, too saturated. I find myself using it less and less and getting similar results. Early on there is no question, it helped a lot, that’s how we got noticed initially. But now such a large percentage of your subscribers never see your postings, I’m more inclined to go back to relying mainly on our email list. Lex spends an unheard of amount of time marketing this band in every nook and cranny on the web, he’s doing something right, but for me I am less and less inclined to read my news feeds everyday.

I’m driving down the road and see a van with a CT decal in the back window, you look out at a crowd and see that your merch is selling well, apparent by the shirts worn by those in attendance etc. What to you is a sign of success, that things are going well, that you’re hard work, dedication, and sacrifices are being rewarded?

Rock: I already have been successful; my life is awesome in all facets! It’s not an accident, I made it this way, it took some time, hard work and a lot of lessons to finally get here, but I am 100 percent happy with my life, THAT is true success! As far as success in music, I don’t know… the widely accepted view of success is not something that is up to me. All I can do is make the music I want to make, make it to the best of my ability and stay honest within it. I do that every day whether it is with Chaos Theory, my solo project or one of my other acts, I am doing what I always wanted to do with my life. The fact that people are digging what we are doing, and supporting it with their hard earned dollars is very humbling to me and I want to squeeze everyone of them as tight as I can. I am my music, my music is me, without it I am as lost as everyone else in the world.

Lex:  I think there is a great degree of success. I don’t think I would be where I am today without living and learning from the past. I would call that a success. I won’t lie to you, my dream has always been to wake up and make a living from making and performing music. I always wanted to be a quote “Rock star” since I first saw the “Paradise City” video at the age of 13. I have been told from family and friends that it’s a pipeline dream. Whatever dream it may be, I just love the fact I can keep doing this and have fun doing it.  I know it’s a tough world in the music industry and that just fuels me to keep moving forward!

Rock: Yeah, that’s the sentiment you generally get from jaded people who have spent their lives dedicated to what makes them miserable. Resigning yourself to the mundane nature of the status quo, and pushing your passions to the sideline doesn’t somehow make you more grounded or give you an enlightened perspective on life. It’s a shame that so many people take the living out of life and replace it with responsibilities. I often wonder if people are living the lives they would want for their children. To each their own, but I’m willing to bet if people were truly honest with themselves they may not tuck their aspirations away so early. I’m not saying people should act irresponsibly, but make sure that the responsibilities you take on are truly worth what you have to give up.

Lex:  Thank you Kirk for giving us this wonderful opportunity to share our love for music to music lovers like you! \m/\m/

Posted May 13, 2013 by By Kirk Moulaison of Atlantic Canada Rocks
soundlooks400x100Chaos Theory, is fronted by singer/songwriter Rock Johnson, who along with members Lex Coulstring (guitar/vocals), Scott McKenzie (lead guitar), Tim Garagan (bass) and Craig Brown (drums) complete this melodic rock and alternative metal band.

Chaos Theory’s self-titled debut album, hit stores to praiseworthy reviews and critical acclaim, and it’s easy to see why. This album is pure “energy rock”, it displays all of the band’s technical strengths, adding mature and reflective lyrics to  melodies filled with anger, frustration, a building rage, and an overall intensity. Front-man Rock Johnson adds the final ‘cherry on top’, as he tears the lyrics apart from the depths of his being.

I listened to the entire album, track-by-track, and didn’t once have the urge to switch off or skip one single song. It’s a rare thing for that to happen, so I applaud these bad-ass boys for crafting such a strong, unified debut album. The songs are all masterfully crafted, drawing on Chaos Theory’s strengths; its strong powerful vocals, dirty cranked-up amps and driving rhythm section. Many of the songs hit you like a runaway train with their powered guitar riffs.

Straight-off “Remind” is a blistering assault on the ears, and Rock Johnson confirms how uncannily close, to a mix of Ozzy Osbourne and Sammy Hagar he sounds. Likewise, “Save Yourself” and the fierce and nasty “Afterthought”, are both venomous yet catchy and downright crunchy. “Silhouette” is also a rollicking affair, and the inclusion of “Dead Inside” keeps the album’s intensity genuine. But most surprising is the swirling, brooding “Broken Dream” and “Scarred” with its dreamily powerful ambiance and melodic vocals.

Make no mistake though, most of this album is meant to please the heavy rock and metal fans who like the harder side of Chaos Theory. It contains some of the heaviest songs written, and a couple of atmospheric tracks that complement the album nicely. Moreover, the album possesses the best assets of this band; fierce, crunchy alternative-metal, representing the brutal beauty of their music, bared for all to see.

Chaos Theory leaves the best for last, as the penultimate track, “Hollow Heart”, is perhaps the most powerful, radio-ready hit song on the album. Overflowing with crunchy riffs, hooks, solos and unbridled energy; the twin guitar sound, drive this song like a hurricane, while the vocals soar high above the pounding drum- and-bass engine-room.

Chaos Theory close the album down with a solitary piano theme, almost as if to allow you to recapture your breath and runaway heartbeat, after eleven tracks of awesome power, raw energy and great musicianship.

It is clear that the angry vocals with crunching guitars, great basslines, and quick-wristed drumming are definitely going to establish this band as a rock solid outfit!

Posted April 22, 2013 by By Jeena Johnson of SOUNDLOOKS The Music Journal
ct-headline-artist-pop-vulture-newsDescribed as a sonic assault to both mind and senses, Chaos Theory has quickly captured a strong and loyal fan base. With an in your face approach to modern heavy melodic rock, they have molded an edgy and catchy sound that appeal to both metal and non-metal fans alike. In addition to molding their sound since 2008, Chaos Theory has also generated a favorable reputation for their live performances. Fans of heavier melodic hard rock like Three Days Grace, Sevendust, Godsmack and Finger Eleven, will definitely want to check out Chaos Theory. The band is fronted by singer/songwriter Rock Johnson. He along with members Lex Coulstring (guitar/vocals), Scott McKenzie (lead guitar), Tim Garagan (bass) and Craig Brown (drums) complete this powerful and edgy ensemble.

"Since starting Chaos Theory in 2008 and going through a total of eight band members, the biggest accomplishment is solidifying a great team of musicians. This will be our third year together and has allowed us to define who we are as Chaos Theory."

popVLTR: You've been making moves in Halifax, how'd you get into music? CT: LexCoulstring: It’s a super feeling to know that the passion we put into Chaos Theory is now spreading out to those who can really enjoy it and embrace it. We just keep on rolling forward. As far as me getting into music, it was pretty apparent in my early childhood that music would be my calling. I was never into sports and every attempt to try to pick a sport up, it was clear I was not cut out for it. I was teased a lot and well quite frankly just sucked at playing. As a kid, there was nothing worse than being that last kid in the lineup to be chosen on someone’s team. I was surrounded by music since I was born. My father, uncle and grandfather all played piano and I naturally pick up the piano at around 8 years old. We all wrote our own songs on the piano so writing came natural. In the early 90’s I played a lot of air guitar to Guns ‘N Roses, Metallica, Megadeth and Motley Crue. Finally I got a guitar at the age of 15 and never put it down since.

popVLTR: Congrats on 'We Are Disaster', who are some of your influences? CT: LexCoulstring: Thank you! 'We Are Disaster' will be Chaos Theory’s sophomore album from our debut released in the spring of 2012. We are pretty excited about this new album. All of us have came along way and grown together since the writing of our debut album including defining our style and improving our skills as musicians. I’m a huge fan of modern heavy rock and metal genre. In my earlier years of playing I had the influences of James Hetfield (Metallica), Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) and Joe Satriani. However in the later years I been more influenced by Tony Rombola (Godsmack) , Zakk Wild (Black Label Society), John Connolly (Sevendust) and Adam Jones (Tool). I really dig modern styles of the alternative metal genre.

popVLTR: What are some of your proudest moments in music so far? CT: LexCoulstring: Since starting Chaos Theory in 2008 and going through a total of eight band members, the biggest accomplishment is solidifying a great team of musicians. This will be our third year together and has allowed us to define who we are as Chaos Theory. This group has also had the opportunity to enjoy great moments such as almost winning the chance to open for Metallica (2nd place), Winning a Loud Recording Of The Year 2012 award for our debut album, getting featured in online and print publications and really building a nice following. We are always humble about the recognition that comes our way because really, we just love playing live and making music to touch people’s lives like it touches ours.

popVLTR: What cool stuff is on the horizon for Chaos Theory? CT: LexCoulstring: Every year we keep raising the bar. We kicked off many marketing campaigns so far to get our music out there. We are being featured in multiple publications in the coming months, being featured in an upcoming movie, and have applied for many festivals for summer and fall (fingers crossed). We are playing the Maritime Metal & Hard Rock festival 2013 which is a huge festival in Atlantic Canada. With all this marketing and live shows, we are also writing and recording material for our upcoming album which also includes filming our official video for the new single ‘We Are Disaster’.

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indie-mag-jan-2013Chaos Theory itself is the study of the behavior of dynamical systems that are sensitive to catalysts. In other words, it is the study of the butterfly effect. How fitting that this Canadian quintet would appropriate the concept as their band name. The band itself is like a unified force that begins a full-blown sonic assault on the senses and doesn’t relent until the bitter and beautiful end.

The riffs are huge and the rock is hard. But there are some real surprises amongst the litany of lost souls on this record. From falsettos to snaky bass riffs, each song tells a story of hope and redemption. With lyrics informed by all of the band members, it’s hard to believe how cohesive the final product is. But every shred of input has actually created an atmosphere of balls-to-the-wall sonic oblivion.

Craig Brown (drums) and Tim Garagan (bass) drive the songs with an almost maniacal intensity. You can practically feel the depth of the bass drum as it’s pounded through the wall. Scott McKenzie and Alex Coulstring (guitars) faithfully compete for guitar-god status as they drench everything in arena-size riffs, mountainous shredding and walls of feedback and distortion. But perhaps the biggest surprise is frontman Rock Johnson. Vacillating between crooning and screaming, he channels everyone from Layne Staley to David Lee Roth to Jeff Martin, yet somehow manages to retain his own identity. Our only regret for the record is that he doesn’t get a chance to utilize his glorious falsetto more, as evidenced on the record’s leading single, “Save Yourself”. We appreciate a metal man who isn’t afraid to show his heavenly side...

The record consists of 11 ripping tracks and a bonus instrumental. Hey, when you got the chops, you gotta show ‘em off. From the rip-roaring scream that opens the record to the haunting instrumental piano ballad that closes it, the tracks burn with intensity and propulsion.

The record succeeds at its best with tracks like, “Remind”, “Save Yourself”, “Afterthought”, “Silhouette” and “Dead Inside”. But overall, the whole record rocks and rocks hard.

The band paint from a wide palette – invoking bands like Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains, early-era Metallica, Godsmack and Sevendust. Yet through it all, they retain their own sense of melodicism and lyrical integrity. Oh, and we shouldn’t forget to mention – you can totally bang your head to it. A worthy offering from Halifax’s #1 Metal/Hard Rock band.

Title: "Chaos Theory" – Chaos Theory

Published on: 30-Jan-2013 (INDIE MAG)

Writer: Reign Lee

waxwireThe members of CHAOS THEORY are out to reveal the nuances of the world that others often miss.  With a contrast of low, thick vocals and high-pitched screams, lead vocalist Rock Johnson doesn’t like to miss a beat or inflection. Truly, the heavy melodic rock band from Canada is a sonic tide of emotion, one that becomes a satisfying flood when paired with the substantive message that lurks in the lyrics.

"It has a lot to do with the struggle between what we're shown as a world and what we actually see," Johnson said. With song titles like "Broken Dream" and "Save Yourself," the heart of their vision is readily evident. "How do you live your shame," the lead vocalist chants in "Save Yourself," before gliding up to the scale to shout, "You're delusional, delusional, you should save yourself." Subsequently, a striking guitar melody breaks out, all while accompanied by hard bass grindings.

"Afterthought" opens with heavy guitar thumps again, before launching into a short guitar and bass pattern, although still accompanied by Johnson's voice. Then in "Remind," he sings: "Failure has brought me here, you don't have to remind, your position is crystal clear ...," as if regretting a past experience that resulted in righteous anger, anger that is adequately reflected by constant instrumental poundings. Even in "Dead Inside," indignation is evident when he sings, "Where am I, this doesn't feel real ... would you take my hand, hold me till the blackness ends."

A shifting sound
Johnson talked of the shift that has taken place in the music industry since the rise of the Internet and how much harder it is to succeed at least in terms of traditional success. At the same time, he expressed enthusiasm for living in such a convergent and modern era. "The nature of the music industry now is you take all the opportunities you can to propel forward ...," he said, and mentioned that such endeavors involve reaching out to fans for support, as well as being willing to get hurt or rejected when your work or vision isn't appreciated. "We don't worry about things we can't control," he said. It is about finding people within the industry that are trustworthy and how, the act is not always easy, but is always worthwhile.

Engaging the moment
For Johnson and his four other band mates, the best part of playing for an audience is the feedback. "It's definitely ... the moment you know people are like 'wow'" Johnson said, referring to raised hands and visibly engaged nature of the crowd for which they perform. He knows that when a band comes out on stage, the audience expects something a quality, and it's up to Johnson and the rest of the band to satiate that hunger with their authentic and pulsing oeuvre.
In terms of stylistic influences, Johnson mentioned Avenged Sevenfold and Three Days Grace towards the top of the list. If not similar to the grinding nature of these bands' instrumentals, then CHAOS THEORY resembles the nomad-like attitudes of traveling on and making it through to the end despite living in a world of evil and disappointment.

A chaotic, but solid springboard
When it comes to the future and the band's expectations, Johnson said "We're focused on moving forward and growing and using that as a springboard ..." He said the band is chasing after their dreams and that the mission isn't about catering to the next big thing. For CHAOS THEORY, it's more about seeking out the poignant moments of everyday experiences and transforming those moments into heavy intonations and gritty lyrics. The mission is more about extracting truth and lessons from all of life's moments, especially the complicated ones.
"I see [our music] as a real social commentary delivered with intensity," Johnson said.  Considering that life is often more chaotic and confusing that not, Johnson and the members of CHAOS THEORY are likely to have plenty of substance to pair their passion with for years to come.

Posted January 2013 by By Elisabeth Turner of WAXWIRE Magazine
It was a whirlwind weekend for members of Chaos Theory. The band, with little notice, was asked to perform during a Nova Scotia Music Week showcase and just three days later, received its first Nova Scotia Music Award.

The band accepted its award for “Loud Recording of the Year” for its self-titled album, which was released this past April. Chaos Theory is just the fourth band to receive the award, joining the likes of Stone Mary, Black Moor and Shelter with Thieves. The Loud Recording of the Year award recognizes bands in heavier music
genres such as hard rock, metal, and hard alternative styles.

“We’re all very proud,” said Rock Johnson, lead vocalist for the group. “It’s a real honour that our peers thought enough of us to give us the nod. We’re very thankful and appreciative of all the support we have received over the past two years. To join the list of winners in this category is awesome. If you’ve ever seen any of those bands perform, you know they’re awesome. We’ve been lucky enough to share the stage with two of them, but we’re fans of all three. It’s really humbling for us.”

The awards were given out as part of the Nova Scotia Music Week brunch in Liverpool. Approximately 1,300 Music Nova Scotia members consisting of industry professionals and fellow musicians are eligible to vote.

Johnson, who hails from Truro, says the band can be nominated for an award two ways. The first is by having a member of Music Nova Scotia nominate them and the second is for the band to apply for a nomination on its own.

“We’re kept in the dark throughout the process,” he said. ‘We didn’t know we had even been nominated until it came out in the newsletter. We were all pretty surprised. For us, the nomination alone was pretty big, but now that we’ve won, it’s a pretty cool feeling. It’s cool because it’s fellow musicians; it’s the people who are in this industry that are giving you the thumbs up. It’s not like American Idol where the general public is voting for you. This is actual musicians. This is actual people who know this industry and one of the biggest honours you can get is being respected and appreciated by the people who do the same thing you do.”

Once all the applications for nominations have been submitted, a jury is responsible for choosing the nominees. Johnson says there are great bands from across the province just as worthy to receive the award.

The hard rock and metal scene is strong in Nova Scotia and that’s good news for fans of that genre. Johnson says there’s something more being offered than just Celtic music and Indy Rock when it comes to seeing a good show.

The band had a chance to prove that point when they took to the stage and performed during one of the showcases. Although it was short notice, Johnson says the opportunity was too big for Chaos Theory to pass up.

“We’ve worked exceptionally hard and we’ve never expected anything free to come our way,” continued Johnson. “We don’t have a lot of industry contacts so it was surprising we were able to get in there, have a chance to play our music and come home with the award. It’s cool. We’re really grateful we get to do this. We saw a lot of people we knew, met a few new people and some new fans, which to me, is the most important part.”

Despite the victory, it’s business as usual for the band, which in addition to Johnson, includes Lex Coulstring (guitar), Tim Garagan (bass), Scott McKenzie (lead guitar), and Craig Brown (drums). They’re currently in the process of recording their second album, which will include a video for the first single.

They’ve also just completed a live performance video for the album that just won the award. Johnson says they’re looking to expand upon their touring circles while focusing on new material.

“I enjoy the business side of things just as much. We all would love to do this all the time,” said Johnson. “That’s the dream. Sometimes people think it’s the rock star lifestyle but that’s not the dream. The dream is to be able to wake up every day and your one responsibility is to play music. These awards are great for opening the eyes of people who maybe haven’t heard of us. It’s another stepping stone towards the big goal which is to continue to make music.”

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TRURO - Truro's Rock Johnson has a lot to be excited about.

Johnson and his band Chaos Theory will release their debut self-titled CD today through Tenastic Music. It will be available at Mingo Music Sales in Truro and online at

Johnson is the singer/songwriter/producer of the CD and his band members include Alex Coulstring (guitar/vocals), Craig Brown (drums), Tim Garagan (bass) and Scott McKenzie (lead guitar).

The album consists of 11 melodically angst-ridden tracks and a bonus instrumental. The CD also includes a full color eight-panel layout containing original artwork, liner notes and lyrics.

In conjunction with the release, the band's CD release party will take place tonight at Monte's Bar & Grill in Dartmouth at 10 p.m. Other bands featured will be Truro's Black Rock Road, Dartmouth's 7 Mile Stare and Halifax's Brite VU. Tickets are $5 in advance and $7 at the door.

In addition, Chaos Theory is vying for the opportunity to kick off this year's New Glasgow Riverfront Music Jubilee in August. The band has been accepted into the "No Guts, No Glory" battle of the bands contest, which is run through the jubilee's Facebook page. People can vote once daily for the band's video for their song "Save Yourself."

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Chaos Theory releases debut CD Friday night at Monte’s

After a year of honing 11 hard-hitting tracks, Halifax rock quintet Chaos Theory releases its self-titled debut CD Friday night at Monte’s Bar & Grill in Dartmouth.

Compared to bands like Three Days Grace and Sevendust, Chaos Theory teams up with Tenastic Music to release the album, which is available at CD Heaven in Dartmouth and Mingo Music in Truro.

Guests on Friday night include 7 Mile Stare, Brite VU and Black Rock Road. Show time is 10 p.m. Tickets are $5 advance, $7 at the door. free mp3 download


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TRURO - Rick Johnson is overwhelmed by the support his home community showed to him and his band during the past month. The Truro resident and his band Chaos Theory performed in Friday's Clash of the Bands competition at a Dartmouth bar. "I think Truro came to the show. It was wild," Johnson said Sunday. "It was incredible. I have been doing nothing but thanking people for the past month." The band qualified for the Maritime competition by being one of two bands to advance from the Nova Scotia event earlier this summer. Despite not winning Friday's competition, and the grand prize of opening for Metallica at this week's concert in Halifax, the Truro native says the competition opened doors and provide publicity for the newly formed Chaos Theory, which has only been together for seven months.

"We got a ton of radio. We got press that we would never had gotten," said Johnson, also known to many as ‘Rock', who is the band's lead vocalist. "Everyone won. That bar was full of hard rock fans," Johnson said. The 34-year-old said all the bands were great and he was happy for Death Valley Driver - the band that won the competition. "They killed it. They're great guys and they're totally going to rip it up on the 14th and I will be there to watch it," Johnson said. The band does have a Colchester County connection to it.

Lead vocalist Dan Hodgson is a former Bible Hill resident who has family and friends in Colchester County. He worked as an editor with the Truro Daily News from 2004 to 2006. He now lives in Prince Edward Island.

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TRURO - A Metallica concert was the first live show Rock Johnson ever attended at the age of 15. Now, 19 years later, Johnson is battling for a chance to play the same stage as his boyhood idols when they visit Halifax this summer. "If I never played another day, I would feel like I accomplished something," Johnson said Monday, just after learning his band Chaos Theory was invited to a contest Friday in Dartmouth to nab the opening act gig for the legendary group. "They're one of my favourite bands of all time. It would be like anyone meeting their idol." Johnson is lead vocalist for the group.

Clash of the Bands, run by Halifax's Live 105 radio station, will be held Friday night at Montes Showbar in Dartmouth. Tickets are available from Johnson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or at 899-2051 or on the band's website at They'll be up against seven other bands from Nova Scotia. Similar contests are being held in New Brunswick and P.E.I. with the top two from each province moving on to the final July 8.

Other members of the band are Craig Brown (drums), Alex Coulstring (guitar/vocals), Tim Garagan (bass) and Scott MacKenzie (lead guitar). All are from Halifax.

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As promised, a few members of the Hype-fam stopped by the Seahorse to enjoy a few of Music Nova Scotia’s finest.  While no adventure to New Music Tuesday is quite the same without our pal Bish and his famous slow-claps, good times were still in full effect. Warming things up for the Tuesday night crowd were the mellow and catchy sounds of The Scott Nicks Band and Fourth Well.

The headliners of the evening, who were one of the first bands to sign up for, brought a certain shift to the dynamic of the show. Chaos Theory filled the Seahorse with a heavier rock sound that we labeled “melodic metal”. Citing influences such as Godsmack, Alice in Chains, Three Days Grace, and Van Halen and commonly described as “a sonic assault to both the mind and the senses”, this Halifax based band puts on a great show and rallied quite the crowd.

Not afraid to get down to brass tacks on the rock and roll front, we’ll sum the night up in six words: music – hard, tunes – catchy, lyrics – legit.

Feeling as though you’d like to hear more? Well visit their website. After you’ve acquainted yourself with their awesomeness you can get all the details you need for their upcoming shows at

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